4 days down

Hello everyone,

Well Bailey is exactly 4 days into this process now and has exceeded all expectations.  She has shown very few signs of any significant pain and she has figured out that she is still pretty mobile on three legs.  We have been extremely stressed to say the least because the first two weeks are so crucial and she is so restless now.  She is tired of lying around and just wants to be involved in everything.  She has been sleeping in her Kennel at night and not crying or anything so that is a plus.  She does wake up early though and it’s on from there.  So far she has not really been messing with her stitches much.  She is being really stubborn about laying down and staying put.  I’m starting to think she is going to need more kennel time.  It stinks because we love her company and want to keep her with the pack, but she is not working with us at all.  I think it will be better for her because she needs to rest and recover.  Her stitches come out on Jan. 24th and we can start physical therapy at that point.   We can’t wait to get this leg back to normal.  I’m not sure if I mentioned her potty schedule but she is going no problem on three legs.  It took her a while to go because we were trying to help her with a sling and she would just stand there and look at us.  She had surgery on Wed. at noon and did not poop until Thursday around 3:00pm.  We are looking forward to hitting the 4 week mark as that seems to be where they really start walking on the leg again.  That’s it for now, thanks for reading!




4 Responses to 4 days down

  1. Rita says:

    Please let us know how Bailey is doing… We have a Boston who is having a problem with her knee and there is a possibility of surgery for her as well…

    • dkbates says:

      She is actually doing great! We can tell that it is not 100% perfect, but 95% is acceptable compared to how she was prior to the surgury. She runs and jumps and plays like she did before. It is a rough few months of recovery and rehab, but if you put in the time, she will bounce back and be good as new.

  2. Kym Morello says:

    Hi, we just had our first of two knees done on our 10 mo. old Flat Coat Retriever. I didn’t see any posts on the second surgery? Did I miss something?

    Her Surgery ran us $4,000.00 and another $4k for the other in 12 wks. We are in California but that is really a jump in price.

    Glad to hear she is 95% we are hoping for the same.

    Thanks for posting and I hope there is some more info. about your dogs recovery…Any advice on the physical therapy? Did you do it yourself 4xs a day or did a professional help you?

    • dkbates says:

      We did the rehab ourselves, and started giving her Cosequin to help regenerate cartillage. We did a little rehab every day once she started putting weight it. Not sure why the huge price jump for you guys, that’s pretty high. For that price your dog better be 98% in a few months :). Hang in there, wish you the best! The first six weeks is the hardest.

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