Bailey’s Home

Okay we are home with Bailey.  She was wide awake when we picked her up and didn’t have her usual happy expression obviously.  She didn’t cry though and when they put her down she stood okay on three legs.  Her leg was indeed shaved from the hip down but her skin matches her hair so it is not too obvious.  She has a vertical scar about five inches long on her leg now and some stitches/sutures.  The incision looks good and aside from some general swelling she seems to be doing well so far!  Here is the link to a quick little video i took of her when she got home.

We picked her up promptly at 9:00 am and I asked the Vet my remaining questions.  She said the cartilage will repair itself in time and her knee should be almost perfect.  She always tells us that a leg that has had an operation will never be 100% again, but that Bailey will never really know it.  Dr. King told me not to Ice it and said that our bigger cage was okay for her as long as she couldn’t jump up and down on anything.  She said Bailey will not be able to jump on things for at least three months and to keep a close eye on her.

We got home and brought Bailey upstairs to our new recovery room and laid her down on the mattress we put on the floor.  We let the other dogs come in for a minute and have a sniff.  She was happy to see them but they are definitely a distraction for her.  After fifteen minutes or so of TLC we took her downstairs to have a bite to eat.  She ate really well, surprisingly, laying in her little bed in front of her water and food bowl.  She drank a lot of water but I have read that is normal for a dog in pain.  She got her medication at the clinic this morning so she should be good on that for the day.

When we took her out to go potty she was not very comfortable.  It has snowed a lot the last week and it’s still really cold.  We made a few slings for her out of scarves to help support her weight but she doesn’t like it very much.  She just stood there for a minute and tried to touch that leg a couple of times but picked it right back up.  It was shaking after a minute or so and she started leaning hard on her back right leg.  That is a little bit of a concern for us because the Surgeon and the Vet have told us that her back right leg seems to pop out a little easier.  She is lame in the left leg though and with the cartilage worn down as it was, it needed to be fixed now.  We are hoping that right leg can hold up for her.  She is going to be very inactive anyways and is taking a joint supplement now so it should be fine.  We will keep using the sling for a while and after a month she should be able to support weight on that leg.  She hasn’t cried once and really just seems to be relieved to be home.  I know those dogs are barking all day and people are running around everywhere so it must make it hard for her to rest.  She is sleeping now and seems to be comfortable so I am about to sneak out of here to upload some pictures and videos.   I have a Logitech video camera I am going to put in here with her so I can see and hear her while I am not in the room.  I can also check it from my phone or internet live at any time.  That will be nice.  It has audio so I will hear her if she starts crying.

It’s a huge relief to have her home and we feel pretty good about everything so far.  It is going to be a long couple of weeks but the stitches will be out in 12 days and then we should see some real improvements.  I have a feeling the time will fly.  From here on out I will probably only update this once a week.  I will take some better pictures up close when I get a chance. Until next time…..


2 Responses to Bailey’s Home

  1. Trish and Marley (her pug) says:

    My pug is having knee surgery next week. I am so worried about him. It is nice seeing how well your dog is doing the first day home. Please keep me (us) up to date on his progress he will be back to his happy self Im sure very soon.

    • dkbates says:

      Hey Trish,

      Sorry to hear about your pug, I know how you feel right now. It was not easy, but we made it through it okay. I didn’t keep the blog up to date as I had planned because we were so busy taking care of Bailey, but good news, 9 months later she is doing really well. The first few weeks are by far the hardest for everyone. Marley will be on three legs for a while and need help going potty. after about two months though, he should be feeling a lot better. If you saw Bailey today you wouldn’t know she had ever had a surgery, but she does still favor it every now and then. The leg will never perfect, as my vet pointed out numerous times, but Bailey runs and cuts and jumps and everything about 90% as well as she did before. I am still nervous about it every time she runs, mainly because we just did her left knee, but the right will probably fail at some point too. We feed all of our dogs Cosequin now to try and help with the joints and it seems to be doing the job. If you have any questions or need any tips, I am happy to help however I can. Good luck to you and Marley and stay strong!


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