Surgery Day

The ball is rolling.  We took Bailey into Dr. Kings office today for her surgery.  Her surgeons name is Dr. Bruce Turner and I am told that he has done this operation many times.  Dr. King said she will be there during the operation and that made me feel a little better.  We were given paperwork to sign that basically waived liability for anesthesia problems and said that the recovery is never a guarantee.

We took all food away last night at 10:00 pm and went to bed pretty early.  It was sad when she snuggled up next me and fell asleep to think that she has to sleep in a cage for the next couple of months.  She is going to hate that the most I think, being excluded.  They will prep her by shaving her leg from the hip down.  She has black skin so I don’t think it will be that obvious like some dogs I have seen :(.  She was in high spirits this morning but didn’t like skipping her breakfast.  She came into the room early and jumped on my face so I got up and hung out with her and Ashley for a little while.  We took her in at 9:00 am and her surgery is just before noon.  They said they will call and keep us updated throughout the process.  They let us take her bed and little blanket from her cage at home up there for her too.

I posted a video of her walking a couple of days ago and it has a pretty angle of her stride prior to surgery. Here is the link to YouTube if you want to view that. We will use this for a comparison later.

She has tweaked that left knee a couple of times over the last few days so we still feel good about taking care of it first.  We are really nervous and I hope she will sleep a lot for the first week or so.  I have heard the first three to five days are the hardest so we are ready to get through that.  They told us that she may come home today and the Vet will discuss that with us when the surgery is over.  I don’t really want her to stay there overnight, but this process is not about what we want and if staying there is better for her for some reason, that’s cool.  We live literally right around the corner so either way would be fine.  We are going to give her Medicam for pain per Dr. Kings advice.  She weighed in at just under 28 pounds today.  We will prob give her just shy of a 25 pound dose to be safe.  Duke is 24 pounds and he was given a 20 pound dose for some pain he was having after his last round of shots.

We are anxious but I think we have done our part up to this point.  We borrowed and bought a couple of baby gates to shut off the stairs for a while and I think we are going to stop having company until she heals up a little.  The other two dogs go crazy when someone comes to the front door and I don’t want her to get all worked up just to be left in her kennel to watch.  My mom has stressed to us that we will make her feel better by staying patient, calm and collected.  If we have confidence in her recovery she will pick up on that and follow our lead.  Great advice!  We are happy things are in motion and praying for a quick and easy recovery.  She is a trooper so I think she will do great.  Here is a picture of her and Duke.  Bailey is the Boston on the Left.  She was almost exactly a year old when I took this in November.


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