Recovery Documents

We got the call at 1:00 pm that Bailey was out of surgery and everything went smooth.  Dr. King said that she would need to stay the night at the clinic but we have an appointment to pick her up at 9:00 am.  She told me that her cartilage was worn out pretty bad on that leg and she thought that was why she was experiencing some discomfort.  I hope that will regenerate with the use of this Glucose supplement, Cosequin, that we got for her.   I forgot to take Bailey’s Medicam (pain meds) this morning so I ran by there to drop it off.  She gave me the following documents that offer guidance for recovery.  You can see in the surgeons notes that he lists her as a class III LP.

Instructions from the Vet

Instructions from the surgeon

I have a few simple questions I still need to ask her but overall I think it will just be a patience game from here on out.  I will update again when we have her home and get situated.  Wish us luck!


2 Responses to Recovery Documents

  1. Kym Morello says:

    …So Baily didn’t have to wear a cone? Did she chew at her stitches????

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